Sunday, 8 May 2011

Cushions Cushions Cushions - all attached!!

The client wanted a loose cover for this sofa because it was expensive when originally bought and had to be put together in her home when it was delivered, and was too big to remove without taking it apart.

This furniture has attached arm, back and seat cushions and the cover is all in one piece!

Where possible I try to maintain and highlight details of original features.  In this case the piping on the back, seats and arms makes it look like there are separate cushions.

In addition the pattern has been carefully matched at every piped seam - see the close up of the seats on the right.

You can see the detail, here on the left, of how the arm cushion has been sown to make it look like it is separate from the furniture even though it is attached.

This sofa was one of my most challenging covers and the client was delighted with the outcome, as she had not expected the original detail could be retained in a loose cover.

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